We focus on innovative solutions and industry 4.0. We are passionate about electric cars and we promote green electric solutions in enterprises.

We design original solutions for the telematics industry. We manufacture gps trackers for many companies in Poland and abroad. We have an opinion about innovation for one of our products.
We build and design embedded systems for our clients from idea to final device ready for market launch. We specialize in m2m and IoT solutions.
Solutions for Vending.
Non-cash and contactless payments. We work with the brand
We provide chargers for electric cars at public utility buildings, hotels, boarding houses, municipalities and cities. We not only provide expert advice and sales - we also offer assembly, maintenance and service of electric vehicle chargers throughout Poland.

About us

The VE Systems is a Polish company operating on the IT market. We specialize in designing IT and hardware solutions for the M2M industry. Solutions provided to companies and institutions are the result of market analysis and the needs of our clients. We have been operating on the market since 2010 and during this period we have gained a lot of experience in the industry. The mission of VE Systems is to provide the highest quality IT services for companies. It is possible thanks to a team of properly qualified people, which is confirmed by numerous certificates. In our work, we use state-of-the-art IT technologies. We are characterized by an individual approach to each client that helps them achieve their business goals.


We will announce our new project soon at this year's Cebit in Hannover, held on June 11-15. We participate in the government program of the Polish ICT Promotion Program. is our original internet project. It is a monitoring system for gps vehicles, parcels and people. The system was created in 2010 and is still being developed with new functions. It is used by several thousand users. is our system which was created in connection with numerous inquiries from our clients using the vehicle monitoring solution. The system enables remote reading of tachograph memory and driver cards.
123GPS is a brand targeted at individual customers who do not require many advanced telematics solutions. The devices are distributed through a network of trading partners cooperating with us.
Shield.Bike - is a service that allows you to secure movables such as traditional bicycles, ebikes, motorcycles or quads
For the brand manufacturer of vending machines with health food we provide payment terminals and non-cash payment systems and we support in the management of vending machines


We offer advanced solutions for companies and individual clients. We specialize in solutions where we combine hardware and software into the entire ecosystem. In these solutions, we feel like a fish in the water 🙂

We design advanced embedded systems. For some of our projects, we obtained an opinion about innovation issued by an independent scientific unit.
We specialize in m2m and IoT solutions, especially where it is required to build software for embedded systems.
We offer dedicated solutions for the vending industry. Non-cash systems, contactless payments and remote machine management.
We offer chargers for AC and DC electric cars for entrepreneurs, municipalities and cities. We advise in the selection of beneficial solutions


case study

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Clients about us

testimonial-team (Demo)
Robert Micsotka
Marketing Manager

Z VE SYSTEMS współpracujemy od 2013 roku przy wykorzystaniu komponentów Quectel do budowy elektroniki. Firma szybko i profesjonalnie wdraża nowe rozwiązania.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Tomasz Śnieguła

Firma z doświadczeniem i profesjonalnym podejściem do klienta. Wdrożyliśmy system monitoringu gps dla naszych mobilnych obiektów.

Our Clients

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Job offer

Programista PHP
Full time

Szukamy zdolnego programisty PHP.  Jeżeli jeszcze znasz node.js to rewelacja.
Jeżeli dobrze się czujesz w tym języku to napisz do nas.



Inż. syst. wbudowanych
Full time

Projektujesz elektronikę z łatwością, znasz technologię GSM, BT , mikrokontrolery to aplikuj do nas. Tym bardziej jak umiesz projektować PCB i pick&place oraz BOM.



Social Ninja
Full time

Szukamy kogoś kto dobrze się czuje w social kanałach. Technologie  FB, brand24, linkendn nie są mu straszne.  Pomagasz generować leady i budujesz dobry kontent to aplikuj do nas.




Work hours
Monday-Friday: CET 8:00 – 16:00
tel: +48 42 298-70-70
Bionanopark Building
Dubois 114/116
93-465, Lodz


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